Finishing the holiday house

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Finishing the holiday house

I bought a beautiful old farm 15 years ago when I was still single, and it seemed like a fun project to do up an old farmhouse. These days, with three kids, time is not as free as it once was so I'm working with a construction firm to update the country home to give us a weekend home for when we need to escape the hustle and bustle of our city home. It's important for kids to have green space to run around in and they really seem to thrive when we head to the country. If you're looking for information on rebuilding a home, keep reading!

3 Reasons to Have Your Property Surveyed

It doesn't matter if you are beginning a renovation project on a property that you have owned for years or beginning new construction on a property that you recently purchased, it is still important to have your property surveyed by a company like Transit Technical Services before you begin any type of construction or renovation. If you have neighbours close by, you can benefit greatly from having your property surveyed before you begin renovating your driveway or adding an addition to your home. It is important that surveying is the first step before you begin any construction due to a few key reasons.


You need to know exactly where the boundary line on your property exists before you can begin construction of any type. You might have an assumption of where the property line exists, but you need to make sure that the boundary is in the place that you assume it to be. Renovation projects are designed to add value to your home, but if you do not begin a renovation project while obeying the boundary line, you might only be reducing the value of your home.

Right of Support

It is also a good idea to have your land surveyed to ensure that you do not have any rights of support to your neighbour that you are unaware of. You might be responsible for maintaining a party wall or repairing an overhang, but not be aware of this obligation. This means that before you begin a driveway or property line renovation project, you need to have your property surveyed to inform you of any right of support that exists between you and your neighbour. If you have recently purchased a property, this is something that you will need to know as you decide how to upkeep your driveway over time.

You also need to know if you neighbour has an old agreement in place that allows them to have access to your driveway. There could be a situation where your property line blocks access to the road and your neighbour has rights to use your property to gain road access. You can determine if any of this is valid by having a survey done of your property.


You will also need to have your property surveyed after you have made improvements to your home to ensure that they are included within the survey. You want it to be accurate and updated, which is only possible if you property is also surveyed after renovations have been completed.